How to take control of your future


An entrepreneurial career is about finding the right mix of autonomy and support to build your venture. It’s building and creating a business based on your values, ideals, abilities and life goals.

When you build your practice as a member of The Guardian Network®, you become part of a national community of financial professionals working to help improve Americans’ financial well-being. However, you’ll maintain ownership of your practice and your success.

With local and national training at all levels of your entrepreneurial career, as well as a suite of tools and resources at your disposal, you can create the business you’ve always wanted and define what success means for you.

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How to Take Control of Your Career

Some entrepreneurial pursuits require a lot of risk, and some offer flexibility, expansion and support. Financial representative Kate Congiolose talks about her desire to create something on her own, and define success for herself.

The inside perspective on being a Guardian financial professional

Experience life as an entrepreneur, and take responsibility for your success as a Guardian Financial Professional. We have the training and resources to help you succeed.

Lifestyle of an entrepreneur: components to success 

Developing your own path and forging the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is exciting, but it can also be challenging. Learn more about how to live a successful entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Get back to your childhood dreams and embrace your inner entrepreneur

It’s never too late to explore a new entrepreneurial venture that has the power to take you back to your childhood dreams. The financial professional career provides the autonomy of building your business with the support of a Fortune 250 company.

Want better work/life integration? Consider a career in sales

Women are proud of their corporate achievements, but they’re also looking for something more — a satisfying lifestyle that can include a family. For example: you close a deal in the morning so you can show up at your son’s school that afternoon as a “secret reader”.


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