Deciding whether to take the leap to start your own business can be a challenge. While the rewards of starting your own endeavor can be high, so can the risks. Becoming a Guardian financial professional, however, isn’t your typical entrepreneurial career.

With the breadth and depth of training opportunities and resources from Guardian, you’ve got a powerful edge. So, while you’re in business for yourself, you have a local and national network of support to lean on as you build your practice.

Take charge of your success

As a Guardian financial services professional, you’ll have incredible autonomy and be responsible for your own success — and your own reward. The opportunities and resources available to you, such as award-winning training1 and client marketing and planning tools, are only beneficial if you take advantage of them. Like having a gym membership, the extent to which you use your resources can be a big factor in the results.

“While Guardian is behind us, it’s up to us to be successful,” says Keith Taylor, a Guardian financial professional at Consolidated Planning, Inc., a member of The Guardian Network®. “If you’re considering the career, you need to prepare and be ready to go through with something that is one of the most challenging, rewarding careers.”

Align your career with your values

Though success as a financial professional demands deep commitment and persistency, the benefits of a flexible schedule allow you to put in the work when you want — so you can make time for the things you value in your personal life, like family, exercise or volunteering. Making time in your schedule to refresh can be critical to entrepreneurial success; having the ability and support of your firm to take that time can be just as valuable.

Many Guardian financial professionals also find that their work life is aligned with their personal values, since they can determine how they run their business and make a real impact in the financial lives of those they serve.

“Being an entrepreneur provides the opportunity to create a world you want to live in,” says Brandon Capps, CLU, owner and financial professional at Velocity Wealth Management. “You’re able to do build your business to align with your values and goals. And for me personally, that means helping thousands of families and businesses. It’s rewarding socially, professionally, monetarily and emotionally.”

Have a go-getter attitude

As an entrepreneur, nobody is dictating your daily schedule and making sure you’re putting in the hours you need to in order to achieve success. You are your own manager — and you’ll find that it can help to be a demanding one.

The financial professional opportunity at Guardian allows you to fulfill your own version of success. Learn more about the training, solutions, and resources Guardian provides to support your entrepreneurial effort or apply now to join one of our local firms.


1Guardian has been recognized as one of Training magazine's Top 100 Organizations for five consecutive years, from 2016-2021.

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