To expedite the processing of your group benefit quotes, the following information should be included with each Guardian quotes request:

1 - General Information

  • Producer/Broker Firm name and address
  • Planholder’s name and address
  • Zip code(s) for each planholder location -Identify which employees work at each location
  • Effective date for benefits requested
  • Nature of Business (SIC)

2 - Census Information

To use our census template for the information below, click here, input the information, and include it with your submission.

  • Member name and address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth or age for all eligible employees
  • Benefit election (EE, EE/SP, EE/CH, EE/SP/CH)
  • Salaries (if salary based benefits are requested)
  • Current voluntary life volumes (voluntary life volumes, evidence of current life and voluntary life coverages)
  • Class distinctions (if applicable)
  • COBRA participants, part-time and retirees as identified on census
  • Job titles (if disability is requested)
  • Full time hour requirements (20, 32 or 40 hours per week)
  • Work zipcode

3 - Benefit Information for Each Line of Coverage

  • Plan design
  • Non-contributory, contributory, voluntary (80%+ of premium paid by the employee)
  • Transferred business
  • Current/renewal rates
  • Length of waiting period for new hire


Note: For experience-rated groups, historical data (premiums, paid claims, waivers, rate history, etc.) is required for the most competitive quote. Contact your sales representative for the specific requirements related to your client.