Easy plan setup

The Policy API automates the passing of plan details and rates from Guardian’s system to PlanSource, which helps reduce the setup time and eliminate errors. We do the work for you, from initial case setup to updates at renewal.

Fast eligibility updates

The Member Benefits API transmits all member transactions from PlanSource to Guardian in real-time, eliminates the need for building and testing an EDI file, as well as weekly reconciliation. The real-time transfer of eligibility data will lead to more accurate member coverage status and billing statements. 

Seamless EOI application

The Evidence of Insurability (EOI ) API provides a seamless experience for employees to complete the evidence of insurability questionnaire within the benefits shopping experience. Guardian reports EOI status back to PlanSource directly, so that volumes and payroll deductions can be updated automatically. 

Convenient Provider Directory

Employees will be able to seamlessly access Guardian’s provider directory and member information within the benefits shopping experience.

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PlanSource overview

PlanSource is a technology company that automates and simplifies every aspect of your benefit program, so employee and HR teams can make smarter, more confident benefits decisions. With an end-to-end benefits platform and suite of technology-enabled services serving more than 7.5 million consumers, PlanSource helps people maximize their employee benefits to live happier, healthier lives.

  • With a clean, intuitive, and mobile-friendly experience for employees and HR teams, groundbreaking API integrations, we’ve got benefits covered from start to finish.

    PlanSource is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible for benefits communications, shopping, enrollment, billing, compliance, and ongoing administration.

    • Strong 10+ year partnership with Guardian and  over 500 mutual customers
    • Flexible and intuitive mobile-friendly software and services for benefits communications, shopping, enrollment, billing, compliance, and ongoing administration
    • PlanSource Boost is a groundbreaking program that modernizes the customer experience with preferred pricing, optimizing employee shopping experience, simplified billing, and API integrations.
  • Services groups of 100+across all industries, with primary focus in 500+.

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