See how our API technology is modernizing the data exchange with key benefits administration platforms

Offering your clients products with modern connectivity to leading benefits administration platforms

As a broker, you want to provide your clients with customized benefit programs that help recruit and retain talent without creating unnecessary administrative work for you or your clients. You’re also expected to provide the latest benefits management solutions. With so many employers spending more on benefits administration, as well as looking to you for guidance, it’s quickly becoming more and more important to inform your clients about how emerging benefits technology is changing the benefits administration landscape for the better.

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Learn more on how these integrations can help save your clients up to 200 hours per year as well as reduce errors.*

Guardian Access helps solve existing pain points within the benefits administration process

Our API integrations with key benefits administration platforms eliminate the complexity of plan setup and data exchange while ensuring speed and accuracy.

Policy API automates the passing of plan details and rates from Guardian’s system to your benefits administration — reducing setup time and eliminating errors. We do the work for you from initial case setup to updates at renewal.

Member Benefits API allows for real-time transmission of all member transactions from your benefits administration platform to Guardian—eliminating the need for building and testing of the EDI file as well as weekly reconcilement. The result will be more accurate member coverage status and billing. 

Evidence of Insurability API provides a seamless experience for employees to complete the evidence of insurability questionnaire within the enrollment experience. It also provides automatic status updates to the employee and HR team.

Provider Directory API provides employees with seamless access to Guardian’s provider directories within the benefits shopping experience.

Partners with connections

Through Guardian Access, we're partnering with leading benefits administration platforms, who specialize in the markets we serve, to bring this modern experience of connected software to you and your clients. See who we’re working with and when to expect our connections to be ready.

ADP Workforce Now®

Integrated platform that supports small and mid-size businesses for payroll and wide range of HR solutions.

Member Benefits API Q4 2021
Policy API Q4 2021

Vantage HCM, Health & Welfare Service Engine, Next Gen HCM and BenMark platforms

Human Capital Management systems that support the complex needs of large employers.

EOI API Available now

Ease enables group insurance brokers to offer online enrollment for businesses, specializing in solutions for groups under 250 lives.

Member Benefits API Available now
Policy API* Available now
EOI API Available now

* Initially will be used to reconcile the Guardian plan details (rates, eligibility rules, etc.) with how the plan details are configured on the platform to help streamline the plan setup process.

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All-In-One Benefits, HR & Compliance Software for insurance brokers, carriers, and HR departments to make running a business easier.

EOI API 2022
Policy API Q4 2021
Member Benefits API* 2022

* Eligibility data exchange is currently supported by API, resulting in faster file processing.

Modular software that provides complete automated benefit administration solution or a ’la carte service.

Policy API Q3 2021
Member Benefits API Q3 2021

HR and Benefits platform for small to mid-size employers distributed by Group Insurance Brokers, backed by best-in-class implementation and support.

Policy API Available now
EOI API Available now
Member Benefits API Available now
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People platform built to help small businesses onboard, pay, insure, and support their hard-working teams.

Member Benefits API Available now

Flexible unified product suite for payroll, HR, benefits, talent, and more, with best-in-class service.

Policy API* Available now
Member Benefits API Q1 2022
EOI API Q1 2022

*Currently used to pull in all Guardian plan rules (e.g. rates, eligibility rules, etc.) so that the Paylocity team can configure the platform.  It is expected that a future Paylocity release will leverage the full power of the Policy API to auto-configure all Guardian plans on the Paylocity platform.

Flexible and intuitive software and services for benefits shopping, enrollment, billing, compliance and administration.

EOI API Available now
Policy API Available now
Provider Directory API Available now
Member Benefits API Available now for limited release
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Rippling manages employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, apps and more-all in one platform.

Member Benefits API Available now

A complete all-in-one platform that automatically connects HR, benefits, payroll, and scheduling.

Policy API* TBD
Member Benefits API TBD

* Initially will be used to reconcile the Guardian plan details (rates, eligibility rules, etc.) with how the plan details are configured on the platform to streamline the plan setup process.


None of the entities listed herein are affiliates, or subsidiaries of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian). Any reference to the term “partner” refers to the API connectivity and does not necessarily connote a service provider relationship between Guardian and the entity. Platform overview provided by each partner. API integrations timing are best estimates and are subject to change.

Subject to state availability. Electronic Evidence of Insurability is currently not available in NY or NH.

GUARDIAN® is a registered service mark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® 

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