Understanding the ADA

The ADA has been in place for over 30 years, but many are still not familiar with key details of the law and are unsure about how to apply its rules. In fact, 7 in 10 employers report that applying the ADA and ensuring compliance is a top challenge for their organization.1 Employers who fail to comply with the ADA may face a range of consequences, including legal action, penalties, and damages.

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ADA insights

Let Guardian help with navigating ADA requirements.

The reality is, it's often challenging for organizations to devote the level of resources needed to confidently administer ADA accommodation requests. That’s why we offer guidance on complying with ADA laws that can affect employee leave. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act can be difficult to administer, however, as part of Guardian Absence SolutionsSM we offer comprehensive ADA services that allow employers to choose the level of support that best meets their needs.

  • ADA Basic – Offers ADA services focused on leave as an accommodation only
  • ADA Premier – Offers ADA services focused on leave as an accommodation and no lost time workplace accommodations. Additional services include consultative support during the interactive process and ADA certified nurses and/or vocational rehab.

Either way, employees can benefit from a smoother, more supportive claims experience, and employers gain confidence from knowing that their claim and accommodation processes are being expertly handled. Key benefits include:



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