1) Go digital

Have a social media account? Encourage patients to follow you and use that platform to share news and updates about your practice. If you don’t have an account, consider setting one up. Ongoing email communications are also an easy, affordable way to get important information to your patients. Use these channels to reinforce the importance of good oral health as it relates to overall health. To reach new patients, be sure to mention the insurance networks you participate in. And remember to have fun—boost engagement by sharing quizzes and polls, like this oral health quiz online.

2) Be inclusive and consistent

Your staff is critical to helping you build trust with your patients. Look to them for input when developing communications as they have a great understanding of your patients. Once you know the message you want to relay, share topic scripts for dealing with common and recurring situations with patients and any other relevant materials to ensure your entire staff is sharing the same message. Plan out the timing of your communications as well and try to stick to it—this is another way to show your patients they can count on you.

3) Remember, patients are your biggest advocates

Most patients (85%) visit an in-network dentist and nearly half see a dentist referred to them by a relative or friend. Once they find a dentist they like and trust, many choose to stay with that practice. This makes your current patients your biggest – and most valuable – advocates. Focus on keeping them informed, easing their fear of going to the dentist, and building strong, lasting relationships.

When Guardian surveyed dental members on their comfort returning to the dentist during the pandemic, communication of office safety measures was key to helping patients feel most comfortable going to the dentist.

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Unless otherwise noted, the source of all information is from Dental Benefits 2020: Maintaining oral health during COVID-19 and beyond, 2020.

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