Enhancing coverage

With Guardian's Accident Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Hospital Indemnity Insurance plans, you have a robust suite of supplemental health coverage to help you with costs that medical insurance may not cover.

What about other supplemental health insurance benefits?

A hospital indemnity insurance plan pays benefits if you’re hospitalized, but other health and medical issues can also impact your finances. That’s why Guardian also offers other types of supplemental  health insurance coverage – including accident insurance, and critical illness.

Coverage is guaranteed, no medical questions asked

Guardian's hospital indemnity insurance is always guaranteed  – there are no health questions or exams required, making it easy and hassle free for you to sign up for coverage. You can also take the coverage with you if you leave your employer.

Frequently asked questions about hospital indemnity plans

  • Like many insurance coverage choices, the decision to get a hospital indemnity plan – or not – depends on how concerned you are about protecting your finances if something unforeseen happens. A hospitalization can place a lot of stress on your family, and the direct payments from hospital indemnity coverage may help lessen any financial pressures. It’s also important to note that some hospital stays aren’t entirely unpredictable. For example, if you're planning on starting a family, the benefits could be a way to help pay for expenses while hospitalized for the birth of a child.

  • Hospital indemnity plans pay benefits based on admission and days hospitalized. The claims process is typically straightforward: you just need to provide evidence of hospitalization. The benefit is paid directly to you – not the medical provider or hospital.

  • Guardian hospital indemnity insurance is only available through employer groups who offer our benefit. Connect with your manager or human resources department to find out if your employer offers Guardian hospital indemnity insurance.

    If you are an employer who does not yet offer hospital indemnity insurance, learn more about the advantages of offering this benefit to employees.

  • Supplemental insurance plans complement each other. For example, benefits from an accident insurance plan can be used to help pay for out-of-pocket costs that come from an emergency room visit. Cancer insurance and critical illness insurance can provide valuable financial assistance for people undergoing outpatient treatment for a serious condition.

    Supplemental health plans have relatively low monthly premiums that can be automatically deducted from your paycheck when purchased through an employer. Best of all, they can also help keep you from dipping into emergency funds when there's an unexpected medical problem.


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Guardian's Group Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity Insurance products are underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY.  Products are not available in all states.  Policy limitations and exclusions apply.  Optional riders and/or features may incur additional costs.  Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity are limited plans of supplemental health insurance that provide the specified financial support, as a lump sum or indemnity benefit, for insured injury from a covered accident, following the diagnosis of a covered cancer or a covered critical illness, or following a covered hospitalization.  This is not minimum essential coverage as defined by federal law.  This coverage will not reimburse for hospital or medical expenses.  Generic Policy Form #s: GP-1-ACC-18; GP-1-CAN-IC-12, et al; GP-1-LAH-12R; GP-1-CI-14; GP-1-HI-15.  The state approved form is the governing document.

In New York, Critical Illness is referred to as Specified Disease.

In Colorado, Hospital Indemnity is referred to as Accident/Sickness Indemnity Coverage.

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