3 step set up for managing multiple users and accounts

Step 1: General admin account set up

Follow the self-registration process to set up an admin account.  This should use the email of the person who will own the overall administration of the account.

Step 2: Admin creates users and assigns access (per person)

Once the admin account is created, add each of the users you want to have access to your account(s) in ASSIGN ACCESS.  You’ll give permissions, such as update eligibility, or view reports. Please use each user’s email so they will receive the notification to complete their own account set up. 

  • For the security of your account and overall business continuity, it’s critical that you add each user individually and do NOT create accounts to be shared by multiple people.

Step 3: User completes registration - Individual access set up

Each user you add will receive a notification to complete their pending account registration.  Please be sure to include both their work email and a mobile phone number.

Important notes

For existing individual users:

If you already have your own, non-shared account, please take this time to verify your profile is complete with your own email and mobile phone number.  This will ensure you can easily login to your account, reset password or look up your user ID when needed.

For overall account management:

For both security and business continuity, it is important that multiple users do NOT share accounts.  As members of your team may join or leave, you can manage their access and activity through the admin account.  If access is shared, the ability to track actions and transition responsibilities to other team members is compromised.

To verify your profile or set up your account, please log in or register.