Please note that, per NY State regulations, all claims initiated in 2019 will continue to be paid benefits based on 2019 benefit provisions through the duration of the claim, even if the claim extends into 2020. For example, if a bonding claim is initiated in December 2019 for 8 weeks, even though the claim period extends into 2020, since the claim was initiated in 2019, 2019 benefit provisions will apply for the duration of the 8-week claim.

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*The New York State Department of Labor annually publishes the NY State Average Weekly Wage by March 31 of each year, which will be the basis for determining the maximum benefit payable for the subsequent calendar year.

This document presents a brief overview of the New York Paid Family Leave law. The law and its implementing regulations, as well as the PFL policy documents issued to covered employers, will govern the actual administration of the PFL benefits and control in case of any conflict in or absence of information. This is not intended as legal advice. Please consult with appropriate professionals for legal, compliance and tax advice. GUARDIAN® is a registered service mark of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America®

2019-84271 (8/21) NC

2019-84271 (8/21) NC