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WorkLifeMatters Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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Personal and family issues affect employees’ lives not only at home, but can have a huge impact on productivity at work. Our WorkLifeMatters program is a confidential support service designed to offer the help that employees and their families need.

Simply by calling a toll-free number, your employees can connect with experienced counselors who will provide extensive professional guidance. A variety of services are offered by an independent national employee assistance firm, Integrated Behavioral Health, to ensure that this support is completely confidential.

Consultants are available to assist with a variety of everyday issues, as well as unexpected personal, financial, and legal matters:

  • Life advice and professional counseling
    The program offers employees guidance, at no cost, on many problems that are part of daily living. These include:


    - Parenting. Help is available concerning adoption, child development, parenting skills, and child care.


    - Caregiving. Consultants can assist with the challenging issues of sickness and caregiving, special needs, adult dependent care, and elder care.


    - Education. Employees can get advice about pre-college planning, admissions testing and procedures (PSAT/SAT), financial aid, and adult re-entry programs.


    - Working smarter. Consultants can help with relocation information, balancing work and home life, and career and training development.

  • Psychological counseling
    Life can be stressful. Employees can seek help with problems including mental and emotional stress, alcohol and substance abuse, and personal relationships. Consultants may authorize up to three office visits, at no charge, with a counselor in the employee’s area, and can also help employees get behavioral health treatment, if needed, through their health plans.

  • Legal services
    Employees can receive a free 30-minute office or telephone consultation with an attorney. If an employee wishes to have the attorney provide legal services, a 25% discount off the attorney’s normal hourly rate will be applied.

  • Dedicated legal/financial website
    Employees have unlimited access to a dedicated website that includes legal and financial planning tools, such as legal and financial forms, financial calculators, and helpful articles.

  • Program communications
    We offer a variety of materials, including brochures and monthly newsletters, to help provide employees with ongoing education.


At Guardian, we offer a full suite of benefits that can truly make a difference for your employees by protecting their income or savings, or even their health.  We focus on benefits, so you can focus on running your business.


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WorkLifeMattersSM Program services are provided by Integrated Behavioral Health, Inc. (IBH), and its contractors. Guardian does not provide any part of WorkLifeMatters program services. Guardian is not responsible or liable for care or advice given by any provider or resource under the program.

This information is for illustrative purposes only. It is not a contract. Only the Administration Agreement can provide the actual terms, services, limitations and exclusions. Guardian and IBH reserve the right to discontinue the WorkLifeMatters program at any time without notice. Legal services provided through WorkLifeMatters will not be provided in connection with or preparation for any action against Guardian, IBH, or your employer.