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Managing compliance issues and paperwork due to employee absences is a growing concern for businesses. Absence Management services can help.

Most employers with at least 50 employees must comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) federal laws, as well as any applicable state laws. Many times, companies don’t have the expertise to manage these issues on their own and can find it challenging to properly adhere to hundreds of often complex state and federal regulations.

Unexplained, unscheduled, and excessive absences due to the illness or injury of employees and their family members can take a significant toll on productivity, profitability, and employee morale. And in light of the evolving regulatory environment, mismanagement of employee leave may lead to costly legal issues.

Absence management services help your business actively track and administer absences. When combined with services provided through disability income insurance, an integrated approach can help reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of managing employee leaves and get your employees back to work safely and quickly.

How Guardian helps your business

  • Centralized service. Our experienced claims and clinical support teams manage all absences – short-term disability, long-term disability, state and federal family and medical leaves, and company leaves.

  • Expert resources to facilitate FMLA compliance. Our management expertise and industry-leading software* make it easier for your business to meet legal requirements and control costs.

  • Comprehensive reporting. In-depth reports on employee absences provide you with the critical information you need.

How Guardian helps your employees

  • Assistance with medical leaves. We can offer employees clinical support and expert assistance while they’re on leave, and also when they’re ready to return to work.

  • Accessible resources. With just one phone call, your employees can call in a claim and receive referrals to employee assistance and other wellness programs.

  • Proactive disability services. Our job placement specialists can help employees with limited mobility receive the physical accommodations (e.g., Guardian may pay for the construction of a building ramp with handrails) they need to return to work, or even to transition smoothly into a new job.

  • Vocational assessment services. Our vocational rehabilitation specialists can evaluate an employee’s workplace, and may arrange for an ergonomic specialist to visit the worksite, perform a job analysis, and make recommendations for adaptations (e.g., installation of a hydraulic sit-stand workstation and ergonomic chair). 


At Guardian, we offer a full suite of benefits that can truly make a difference for your employees by protecting their income or savings, or even their health.  We focus on benefits, so you can focus on running your business.


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* Provided by Reed Group.  Reed Group, Ltd. is a subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY.