Find a home to build a career you love



I went to college to become a sports agent actually.

When I was younger, that's what I wanted to do; become a dancer.

I actually had no idea what it is that I wanted to do with my life after junior year of college.

So in my previous role in accounting, I could sit at a computer all day long and crunch numbers and learning not speak to anybody else. And I knew very quickly that that just wasn't for me. I was missing that human interaction, that relationship building side of me.

So after college, I managed a gym for a couple of years. I'm living a different life today than I would have ever dreamed possible.

This really is a career for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

I think the big thing is the entrepreneurial spirit.

Being a financial advisor means owning your own business, owning your own schedule, helping people live financially secure lives, and accomplish what they want to accomplish in life without having to worry about money.

Having your own hours, come and go what you want-- when you want to, decide who you want to work with.

There's an amazing age wave happening, but that's amazing opportunity for new people to come in and learn before those individuals leave.

Everyone in my office is always inviting and offering to help me, whether it's to help me build my narrative or help me with marketing or on different strategies for financial planning.

We're a close knit group with a great culture.

But I was a little concerned coming to a Fortune 250 company. It doesn't feel like that here. It feels like a home, it feels like family.

I love this role, and I love what I'm able to do.

I think I have found such a great home at Guardian.



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