Video transcript: Why is life insurance more important now than ever before?


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We had a really dramatic drop in life expectancy in the United States. And so really the need for life insurance at least in my lifetime, I don't think has ever been greater than it is right now, right? And that's one of the new realities that the pandemic has brought to us.

I think the problem is the other dynamics that we've seen is-- there's been a lot of changes because of the pandemic and it hasn't been an easy 18 months and employers, and brokers, and benefits advisor, and employees have faced crises around mental health and furloughs, and recruiting, and retention of employees, and health plan costs, I mean, there's been a lot of sacrifice and there's been a lot of challenges. And life insurance has probably for a bit of a good reason taking a backseat for a period of time. But I think what we're seeing now, coming through some of our buyer studies and some of our employee studies, is there is an increased appreciation for the role that life insurance plays and the importance of life insurance in protecting your family members.

For millennials, it might be about protecting more than that causes that you care about. So I do think that as we're coming through this next phase of the pandemic-- and obviously we've gotten through the unemployment challenges that we had over last year. And then we're getting a little more certainty about what this pandemic is going to mean for the future, that the focus can come back a bit more to the importance of life insurance coverage.