Video transcript - Why employers should offer financial wellness benefits


We see these statistics updated constantly, the degree to which people are-- they're stressed out financially.


When we find out what the source of stress is for those employees, these are the types of answers that come back typically. And so as you look at those, you look at things like retirement savings. That's a cash flow question. You look at things like saving for college or taking care of your parents.

These are not things that are directly related to life insurance, per se. They're not even directly related to the other benefits that are offered, because most of these are general financial and cash flow issues that leave people feeling stressed out, feeling overwhelmed from a financial standpoint. This is where, as employers, I think there is an opportunity, even a responsibility, to go beyond just providing great benefits-- that's a must-have-- but to really ensure that employees are getting the most out of those benefits that you're providing them, to make sure that your organization is getting the highest return off the investment of those benefits possible.

We're seeing lots and lots of companies provide corporately sponsored financial wellness or financial education resources, classes, access to financial specialists that can help employees make sense of the benefits that they're being provided with so that they can feel more secure financially, they can get debt under control, they can save for retirement, they can save for college, and ultimately be more productive at work, be less stressed out at work. And that, again, just like there's negative ripple effects, those really create these positive ripple effects throughout the organization.

If you want great benefits, you want to be able to get use out of them, financial wellness, financial education, is a really inexpensive but effective way to put the icing on top of that cake.



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