Video transcript - Why diversity matters in management


When I quickly got into this side of the industry, financial services-- which I began my career in New York Life-- you know, I was asked to come into management. And you know, was fortunate enough that I did a quick move into managing partner. And when I got there-- not that I was surprised-- but at the time, I was the only managing partner coming through until the time I think the last year that I had left New York Life-- 2014, 2015-- there had been another managing partner had came in.

But I quickly realized that, while I really didn't come into this to be in management, came into this career, that representation does matter because just being a managing partner, running that, and really seeing the lack of diversity at that leadership role, part of what I wanted is like, look, I was fortunate enough to come into this career to have some really, really quick success. And I wanted to see other people come into this career to have success. So I knew that representation in the management would be the quickest way to be able to do that. And being able to get to the top of management because I could actually influence people being higher, whether that was people color, women, people from very diverse backgrounds. So that was first and foremost.