So bonding is allowed under the program, and it's a type of paid family leave. So an employee can take up to 12 weeks per year to bond with a child after birth, adoption, or foster placement. And this part of the program starts 1/1/21, like the paid medical leave. A couple of the other portions of the PSL start 7/1 next year. Bonding starts 1/1/21, just like the paid medical leave.

And as I already mentioned, there is no preexisting condition exclusion here. So you could have somebody who's pregnant now with a child, and they can take paid family medical leave for bonding after the program goes live. The caveat here is the leave has to be taken within the first year of birth, adoption, or foster care placement. So that one year mark comes into play. But if someone was pregnant now, say, and had a baby in the next couple months and then wanted to take bonding leave after 1/1/21, they could, as long as they were still within that first year.