Video transcript - What is disability insurance? | Linsey’s story of recovery


What is disability insurance? For some, it’s the path that helps lead to recovery. It isn't always easy to get back up again after an accident, especially on our own. Linsey Kramer's bicycle accident sidelined her from life, but thanks to her indomitable spirit and Guardian’s disability protection, Linsey got back on her feet - and bike - again.

0:00​ – 0:30​ – Linsey loves her San Francisco Bay area life and traveling. She thought that would be her life forever.

0:30​ – 1:00​ – A bike accident would threaten her plans.

1:00​ – 2:00​ – Linsey struggled with being out of work during her recovery. She worked with Guardian Group Disability Rehabilitation Specialist, John Runzo.

2:00​ – 2:23​ – They were able to assess her situation and what opportunities were available to her.

2:23​ – 3:00​ – They found a training schedule for her to gain more skills for her next job.

3:00​ – 3:31​ – Thanks to her disability insurance, Linsey was able to get back to the life she wanted. Still wondering - what is disability insurance?

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