With EMMA you can also make maintenance changes.  This includes salary updates, open enrollment updates as well as other maintenance updates such as life events, terminations, adding new members or any other changes that happen throughout the year that do not fall within a normal amendment or process that Guardian is working on for you.  In order to update your members, you will go to Members > Update multiple members and from there you'll launch EMMA. 


Once in Emma you will be able to either Download a census, Upload a census or Create a census.  To download a census, you will be able to choose a Blank census which is ideal for new business or when adding new members for a new affiliate, an Enrolled census which is a complete listing of all of your currently active enrolled members this does includes anybody that may be on cobra.  If you choose an enrolled census, you can pick the date that you want the information to be, the census information will be as of that specific date and you can also download a Salary census. 


A Salary census will include all of your actively enrolled members and a listing of their salaries.  Again, you can choose the date that you want to know what those salaries are as of.  You can choose either in the past or even in the future.  Once you’ve selected your census as well as the date that you would like to pull the information, you will then click Download.  You can open up the census, where you will see all of your currently enrolled members as well as their current salaries.  To make changes, you can update your changes right here, in the new census, in the newly downloaded census.  Saving that information will then allow you to come out to EMMA and return to their home page. 


Once you’re back on the home page, you can either choose to Upload census or Create a census.  If you do upload the census, you will be able to pick what type of census you’re uploading.  If you were just making updates to salaries, you want to select Salary census.  If you have an open enrollment census, including updates to benefit elections due to the open enrollment, you can select Open Enrollment and it will default to when the next open enrollment period is happening.  And if you have other enrollment changes such as new hires, termination, life events, other items like that you can select that option and then you will be asked if all of the changes will have the same effective date.  If they will, then you will select what that date will be.  


If some of those changes are going to have varying effective dates, you will want to click No, as you will then be able to fill in those specific dates within the review page for each of the specific numbers.  In this case, we are going to do a salary census.  So, by clicking Salary census I will then click Continue and EMMA will begin the process.  To make sure it knows which salary.  Once you are on the pre-upload page, you will certify that your census has all of the following information.  Once you’ve acknowledged that, you can then upload your census file.  You can choose a file to upload or you can drag or drop. 


EMMA will then take a look at your census and reformat it, reviewing if there’s any columns that need to be added or taken away.  Once again, I will begin by going to my map columns to see that they are all there.  For salary census, Guardian only needs six columns in order to process salaries.  A last name, first name, a member ID, the salary amount and the salary basis.  The salary effective date will be the date that the salaries will be made effective.  By clicking Continue, you will be taken to the Match screen.  Should your census have either had more columns than needed, it would have provided these here for you to match.  However, you do not need any more additional columns for a salary census.  Click Continue and then it's going to ask about matching key information.


In this case, it's going to recognize that all of the Member ID's appear to be different and so it wants to make sure if there are dependents on the census or not.  In this case it is a salary census and salaries are only for members.  So no, there are not any dependents on the census.  You can then add columns or if Guardian adds columns they will appear here, but at this point there are no unneeded columns and then you will be taken to the review page. 


This screen will show you where your salaries are different from what we have currently in our system and the ones that are going to be updated.  You will also notice that there are other warnings based on how information is entered.  If you enter a really low or a really high salary, it's going to give you a warning just to remind you to take a check because the amount is a very low or very high amount and wants to make sure that you've entered that correctly.  And the salary basis is very important because if you are actually only doing that as a monthly payment then that amount will actually equal out correctly.  Again, this is just identifying that the information is different than what we have in this system.  So, if you were actually meant to enter it as $75,000, you would still want to make sure that it says ‘Annual’ and you will notice that the warning letting you know that that amount was very low has gone away. 


You can also see in the View missing info only view that there are yellow columns remaining and when you hover over it, you will see that it’s asking for the date that the salary changes effective.  If you leave the cell blank, today’s date will be used.  So, if you want these salaries to be effective in the future, you will want to enter in a future effective date.  If not, it will just use today’s date and go from there.  You do not need to enter anything; EMMA will automatically populate that when submitted.  So, once you have reviewed all of your information, you can go ahead and click Submit.  You do get a message letting you know that there are still some fields shown in yellow that you can either cancel to review those, or you can confirm that you want to move forward with this.  Since you've already reviewed what those yellow cells are, you can go ahead and click Confirm and Continue


When you're ready to submit your file, you will receive this message letting you know that you'll either receive an incomplete email or a complete email from Guardian letting you know that your records have all been updated successfully, or that you need to return to EMMA to fix any records that may still need some review.  Once you are ready to submit, you will click Continue and you will be taken to the Thank you page.  Then you can return to Guardian anytime. 


If you realize after that you have additional members that you want to update their salaries on, you can always launch EMMA again and you will be taken back into EMMA to the homepage.  From here you can either again Download a census, Upload a census, or Create a census.  In this case, we are going to create a Salary census, for just a couple of our members.


You can search by starting to type the last name and make a selection and then you can add those selected members to the census.  You will notice that you have added two members and that there are nine additional members in our system that we have found.  Your ID is going to be masked if you want to see the full member ID just click the ID masking to Off, otherwise you can leave it on for security reasons.  Here you can then go ahead and make a change to the salaries and you'll notice that the salary effective date is now highlighted because you have changed the salary and it wants to know what date you want to make that effective.  Same for the second person.  Once you've made your changes you can go ahead and Submit.  Again, note reminding you to review any cells that are showing in yellow and then you can click Continue to submit your information to Guardian. 


You'll receive an email once your enrollments are either complete and successfully processed, or if you need to return to EMMA to fix any of the members.  Once again, you will see receive a Thank you page and then you can return to Guardian Anytime.  (There’s a bit of a disconnect with the screen navigation and script)

If you'd like to do other enrollment changes, and all of your changes are going to have different dates you will select No.  These changes could be anything like life events, terminations or demographic changes such as address or any other changes that might need to happen throughout the year.  This would be where you would want to be able to come out here and do, and if you have a completed census you can always select upload a census. 


If you don't, you will be taken to the page where you can select which Members you do want to work with.  From here you can pick which of the Members you'd like to make changes to.  This will pull in all of the information about the Member as well as their dependents if they have any.  Here you can make changes to salaries if you have more than just salaries to update, you can make these changes here.  Again, prompting you for what the date of the salary change, if it is left blank it will be used today's date.  If you are changing classes, you will be able to make a change of class here as well.  And if you are terminating.


An election for somebody you will be able to make that election here.  Now notice when I selected ‘No’ for the spouse to not have dental anymore, but dental termination date column did appear.  This is because this does require to know what the date of change is going to be.  The same will happen if an election is being added.  It is going to ask for an effective date of that election.  Just continue scrolling and make any additional changes that you need to as necessary.  Since we did say they are going to have different dates, we will go ahead and change that there.  Once you've finished making all of your adjustments, you will then be able to review any missing info only and you'll notice that there are now some red cells for sign date. 


This is because there are elections being changed or being added.  You're going to want to make sure that this is the date that they have signed to make these changes.  You can view your complete census again and see all of the members and dependents, all of their information once again.  When you are ready to submit, you can then click Submit and you will be asked to confirm any cells that may still be in yellow which we have already done.  We will Confirm and again you will receive an email letting you know that you either need to return to EMMA to make corrections or that all the records have been submitted successfully. 

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