Video transcript: Spring Health Simply Put - A better way to deal with burnout


Teaser:   Kelly with stack of boxes and packing tape

Super:    A better way to deal with burn out.

Kelly:       [Open on Kelly as she is wrapping up the show]…and remember, good health starts with good mental health. See you next time on Simply Put! [closes her laptop, Kelly starts to take off her lapel microphone]

Off camera:  Wait, wait, Kelly, Kelly—Hold on. We have one more caller. He says you know him. It’s…uh, Dan. Wanna take it?

Kelly:       Absolutely. Hey Dan!

[Cut to Dan. He’s on Facetime walking into work. He’s wearing a vest and name tag with regional distribution manager on it and a khaki work shirt.]

Dan:        Hey Kelly, sorry it’s so late—but I’m really glad I caught you.

Kelly:       No problem, Dan. You’re working late…?

Dan:        Yeah, the company’s been really short-staffed lately. We’re all working extra shifts to try and help cover each other. [Overhead PA: Dan! Dan in inventory! Line 5!] And we can’t get anything shipped on time—customers are furious. I’m so exhausted—I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.

Kelly:       Oh, I’m sorry Dan. But, if it’s any consolation, lots of people are in the same situation. A recent poll showed that more than three-quarters [Holds up a stat: 76%] of employed Americans report they are currently experiencing worker burnout,1 which sounds a lot like you.       

Dan:        [Someone hands Dan a clipboard to sign] Yeah, I think most people here could probably relate. [Hands it back, “Thanks”]

Kelly:       You know, Dan, I think you could use a little extra help.

Dan:        [Walking, drinking coffee] You can say that again. We need a lot of help around here.

Kelly:       Actually, I mean with your mental and emotional health. Did you know that, in a recent industry workplace poll, 76% of respondents reported at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year?2 That’s why more and more employers are turning to Spring Health, through Guardian, personalized mental wellness benefits for you and your family.

Dan:        Spring Health. Oh, yeah, that was great when I was on paternity leave.

Kelly:       Well, good news. Spring Health is for everyday mental well-being, too. Simply put, your personalized care plan from Spring Health adapts to your changing emotional and mental well-being needs, so you always have recommendations that are right for you. You also have on-demand access to Moments, this incredible library of wellness exercises to help with things like burn out. Or coping with stress. It’s full of proven and effective ways to help you get back to where you need to be.

Dan:        [Someone yells, ‘Hey Dan, got a minute?’] I could use a moment, that’s for sure.

Kelly:       And, every Spring Health member gets a personal care navigator to help you find a provider for in-person or virtual therapy sessions if you need it—the kinds of services that are clinically proven to help you feel better, miss fewer days at work, and improve your overall well-being. You can usually be seen in about a day!3

Dan:        Thanks Kelly. [Overhead PA: “Dan! Dan there’s a customer out front who needs you.” Dan, laughing] I think mine will definitely have to be virtual.

Kelly:       Good luck, Dan. You know we’re always here for you, on Simply Put.

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