Kelly:      Welcome to “Simply put”. I’m Kelly from Guardian, here to answer your questions about Voluntary Benefits—in terms we can all understand.

               Today we’re talking to Dan. What’s up, Dan?


Dan:       Hi Kelly. So It’s benefits enrollment time and people at work are talking about Voluntary Benefits, but … what exactly am I volunteering for?


Kelly:      Great question, Dan. Simply put, Voluntary Benefits go hand-in-hand with your health insurance—to help cover expenses your medical plan might not cover…or to provide cash in an emergency. Because, even if you have good health insurance, there are always surprises.



Dan:       Surprises? Like what?


Kelly:      Well, say your break a leg…(Someone off-camera hands Kelly a crutch)…Accident Insurance will pay you cash, just like that. Say you need a hospital stay… (Hands Kelly an I.V. stand)…Hospital Indemnity Insurance can help with co-insurance expenses. Say you get diagnosed with a serious illness…(Hands Kelly a “Get Well Soon” balloon)Oh that’s nice… Critical Illness Insurance can help out. 

Voluntary Benefits are all about getting some extra financial confidence. And it pays the money directly to you—not the hospital, not the doctor. Use it for anything you want, to help out with anything you like. Mortgage. Rent. Childcare. You name it.


Dan:       Financial confidence—you know I’ll bet that costs a pretty penny.


Kelly:      Actually, it’s pretty affordable. Just a few dollars a day. And it’s popular too. In fact, having access to Voluntary Benefits is among the top reasons people choose to go work for a company. Well…after extra PTO, of course. (Hands Kelly a fruity umbrella drink.) Hey, thanks! So, if your company offers it…


Dan:       …I guess I’d be pretty smart to consider it.


Kelly:      And…boom! That’s how we do it here on “Simply put.”


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Dan:      Time to start my day. Let’s do this!