Kelly:       Welcome back to “Simply put.” I’m Kelly from Guardian, here to answer your questions about Voluntary Benefits—in terms we can all understand.

Today we’re joined by Dan in St. Louis. Hey, Dan, what’s going on?

Dan:         (Dan’s lying down looking up at FaceTime on his phone): Uh hang on, hang on guys. Oh…hi!  Hey, Kelly. I had a quick question about Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Kelly:       Ah, in-dem-ni-ty insurance. That’s a tongue twister. Luckily, it’s not a mind twister. Shoot. 

Dan:         So, I heard it covers all sorts of things that your health insurance might not. So, like…um, what, exactly?

Kelly:       Well, Dan, simply put, hospital in-dem-ni-ty insurance is just…hospital insurance. It helps cover expenses associated with a hospital stay if you suddenly become sick or injured. It could help pay your healthcare deductible or co-insurance payment. Or childcare expenses. Or the cost of travel to and from the hospital.

Best of all, it’s money that’s paid directly to you—so you can use it for anything you like.

Dan:         Wow, ok. So, you said travel to the hospital. So say, in a ride share van…Because you, have to lie down…because you might have thrown your back out doing the “Renegade” dance on social media?                      (Alt: “…on YouTube?” or “…on Social Media?”)

Kelly:       …the what?

Dan:         (shakes head, shaking it off)…never mind. So, travel’s covered?

Kelly:       Absolutely.         

Dan:         Awesome. Ok guys, she says we’re good! (Looking off camera, gives a thumbs up) We’re good to go! Let’s do this. (He is lifted up on sports injury back board, up and off camera.)

Kelly:       Annnnd…feel better, Dan. (Looks at her iPhone. We see inset video of Dan’s rendition of “The Renegade” on TikTok.) Actually, he’s pretty good.


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