Kelly:    Welcome back to “Simply put”. I’m Kelly from Guardian, here to answer your questions about Voluntary Benefits in terms we can all understand.

Today we’re talking to Denise, a business owner in Naperville, Illinois. Denise—what’s going on?

Denise: (Wearing a face mask) Hey Kelly. So, I’m reviewing benefits plans for my employees and, with COVID and social distancing, I’m wondering…what’s going on with Dental Insurance?

Kelly:    Denise, I’m glad you asked. Did you know (She pulls out a homemade sign with “40%” on it) a recent Guardian study shows that 40% of families experienced a dental issue during quarantine that they normally would have gone to the dentist for.

Denise: (Nodding and pointing to her mask) Tell me about it.

Kelly:    Here’s the thing. TZe world is getting back to normal…or a ‘new normal’ right?…in fact, 8 out of 10 adults say they will be comfortable going back to the dentist by the end of the year.[2] Plus, simply put, people who get dental benefits through work are more than (pulls out a homemade sign with “2X” on it) twice as likely – TWICE! -  to get regular dental care compared to those without.

Denise: (Nodding. Her mask now has a huge, toothy grin drawn on it with Sharpie.)
That’s good to know.

Kelly:    (pointing to mask) Oh, I like it! And there are lots of things you can use your benefits for—from in-person visits to teledentistry to innovative programs like  invisible teeth aligners, with at-home impressions and at-home orthodontist monitoring. (Wiggles her teeth with her thumbs) You can’t even see mine, can you?

Denise: (Shaking her head, no.) No that looks great!

Kelly:    Thank you! What’s even better…studies show that good oral health equates to good overall health.[3] So, as an employer, you’re helping your employees stay healthy…just by offering dental benefits. And that’s something everyone can feel good about. Oh…don’t forget to floss.

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