Video Transcript - Short Term Disability Insurance. Can you plan ahead for the good stuff too?


Slate:             Kelly holding up a baby mobile.


Super:            Short term disability insurance.

Can you plan ahead for the good stuff too?


Kelly:             Welcome back to “Simply put”. I’m Kelly from Guardian, here to answer your questions about voluntary benefits in terms we can all understand.


                       Our next caller is—oh, hey, Dan. How have you’ve been?


Dan:               [Dan in driveway next to minivan; trunk’s open and he’s unloading a mountain of diapers] Great, Kelly. Actually, really great. We’re expecting again in a few weeks.


Kelly:             Hey, congrats!


Dan:               Thanks! So, last year, my wife signed up for Guardian short-term disability insurance through work. And we remember reading that we might be able to use her benefits during her maternity leave—is that true? 


Kelly:             Very fatherly question, Dan. Simply put, the best way to think about short term disability insurance is to think of it as insurance for a portion of your income. So, anytime there’s a qualifying event, your short-term disability can be used to help replace income while you’re not able to work…


Dan:               That—[looks at yet another box of diapers]—will come in handy real soon.


Kelly:             The best part is, it can be used when something awesome happens, like maternity leave. Or it can be used if the not-so-awesome, unexpected things happen…emergencies, like, having a gallbladder out.


Dan:               Did you say gallbladder?


Dan:               Yeah, gallbladder.


[Awkward silence]


Dan:               That’s gross.


Kelly:             Ah, I know! Right! Acht! But luckily, you’ve got other things to think about.


Dan:               You’re telling me. I gotta go back for wipes.


Super:            Guardian voluntary insurance benefits are built to help you.
Talk to your employer, broker, or Guardian representative today.


Button:          Dan is deep into the minivan chucking boxes out the back.