Video transcript- Shawn Ferguson - Nayya


Well good day. I’m Shawn Ferguson, National Senior Vice President of Voluntary Benefits for Acrisure.

Tell us about a planholder who benefited from the Guardian + Nayya offering?

So Guardian partnering with Nayya is extremely exciting for us at our firm. We introduced the concept of Nayya. The HR really appreciated it because they said you know they put all this time and energy into preparing and establishing this great benefits package and they didn’t feel like their employees appreciated it. Much like a lot of the clients that we have. And so the employees’ appreciation wasn’t because the benefits package was poor,  but rather they didn’t understand the value and how all the benefits coordinated together. So we gave Nayya a try.

What results did they see?

What we saw was an increase in participation from about 8% in VB lines accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity, to 32%. So we saw a 4x participation increase. More importantly it was because of the increase that the HR really saw the value in the tool itself because that to them was checking the box that the employees do understand the value of the programs being offered and how it can help them individually.

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