Welcome to Guardian’s Enrollment Mapping and Management Application, also known as EMMA! 

EMMA allows an authorized plan administrator to quickly and easily upload new business enrollment data to Guardian’s systems through Guardian Anytime.


First, log in to Guardian Anytime using your plan administrator User ID and Password. Then select your plan number from the dropdown list and click Continue.


Next, navigate to the Member Self Enroll and select Member Set Up from the list.  Verify your Group ID or if you are authorized to administer multiple plans, select the appropriate number from the drop down. 

If your new business plan meets the criteria to use EMMA, you will see the “Launch EMMA” button.  Click the button to proceed.


EMMA offers two options to provide enrollment information to Guardian.  You can create the census online while referring to enrollment documents, or you can upload an existing census file.

If you have paper forms and would like to enter the information into a perfectly formatted census, choose Create census online

EMMA works with our plan set up system to determine exactly how many columns of data are required for each specific plan.  EMMA will generate a census customized to your plan and you will be taken directly to our automated online Census Fill In page.


Here you will be able to fill in all enrollment information online.  EMMA will let you know if any information needs correction or review.  You can save, download, and switch to the Upload process using the header icons.  Let’s walk through the upload process.


You can upload virtually any census file, but need to keep a few things in mind first, such as the fact that all data needs to be on a single tab, coverages and elections need to be listed in separate columns, and each dependent must have his own row. 

Before you can upload, you need to read the census formatting requirements shown here and verify that you have checked your census.

When you have completed your census check, you can click ‘Upload census file’.


To upload a census to EMMA, simply drag and drop your census file.  Then, click Upload.


EMMA analyzes your file, re-organizes your columns, checks headings and maps all of the data efficiently.


Once the analysis is complete, EMMA automatically maps your column headings.  Click ‘review them here’ or the first green circle to verify that your columns were matched correctly.  After you verify the columns, then click Continue.


If your census has more columns that might match Guardian headings, EMMA will guide you through that process. 

Check the dropdown menu for columns we still need to find.  If one of your extra columns matches, select it from the list.  If not, select “Okay to skip” or leave it blank and EMMA will skip it at Continue.


EMMA displays several mapping screens if there are additional pieces of information needed, such as definitions for class values and multiple options on your census that need to be mapped to Guardian terms.  Match each name in your Class and Option columns with a name that Guardian is expecting. 


EMMA reviews the plan setup and will add any columns missing from the census.  You will be able to complete them in the next step by clicking Continue.


You’ll have a chance to review your complete census and make any changes before submitting.   Cells that must be fixed will be highlighted in light red.  Double-check cells in yellow.  Hover over the cell for an explanation.  If you prefer to see only the missing information, click on ‘View missing info only’.


EMMA will consolidate all missing information in one place.  When you are comfortable that all the data is in good order, simply click the Submit button!


EMMA will interact with Guardian’s systems immediately and all valid enrollment information will be transferred quickly, typically within minutes!

Thanks for watching EMMA’s tutorial.