Video transcript: See how our API technology is modernizing the data exchange with key benefits administration platforms


Technology is all around us. And it’s making life easier and more convenient for everyone.

Take data exchange, for example... It’s changing how we get directions… Turn left here.

Or even booking that exciting getaway.

With technology making so many things simpler, it only makes sense that the complex world of benefit administration would modernize, too.

After all, who wouldn’t mind an easier, faster and more accurate data exchange between their Ben Admin platform and insurance carrier to bring everything—and everyone —together through real time integration?

Technically speaking, it means enabling real-time bi-directional data exchange between multiple systems using Application Programming Interface, or API.

But if that doesn’t paint a helpful picture…. Let’s say you’re a broker. Hello.

Up till now, you’ve had to use proposals, plan documents, certificates, SPDs… maybe even your notes or your memory …to get all of the details and requirements needed to set up your clients’ Ben Admin platform. This could take weeks —and is not fool proof.

Now you and your client have to wait for the EDI connection with the carrier to be built. And that typically requires a few more weeks of waiting.

Then, testing and checking if the connection works.

Not to mention deal with the possibility of data entry errors, transfer issues, version control complications and more.

Does this sound like the best use of your time, or a fast and easy use of current technology?

In other words, the old way of managing benefit administration has been slow, labor intensive, expensive, and created all kinds of unwanted problems for everyone.

Fortunately, Guardian is leading the charge to modernize the process and transform the experience for you and your clients…

Our APIs create direct, system-to-system connections with integrated Ben Admin platforms that exchange data in only seconds —not weeks.

That little or no effort is needed from you and your clients. So, no more waiting? No more waiting.

With these established connections, you’ll both be able to work more efficiently on ben admin setup and Member enrollment and eligibility.

So, things always go as planned —with far less time and no hassle?

Exactly —which means better outcomes all around… And more time to do the things that matter most to your clients…

Like helping them attract more talent and deliver better benefits. Not to mention, growing your own business, too.

Ooh. I like that.

And employees will enjoy an improved user experience, accurate and timely data that drives better engagement, and an increased appreciation of the benefits offered at work.

Bottom line… whether you’re a broker or HR professional, you now have access to Guardian products that are seamlessly connected to leading Ben Admin platforms…

Through one seamless, real-time experience to save you and your clients time and effort.

 Because you and your clients have more important things to do.

Alright, Woo hoo!

We thought you’d like that.

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