Video transcript - Model the mental health behavior you want to see in your employees




You have to model the behavior that you want to see in your employees. If you are working 80 hours a week and not taking vacation, and not taking care of yourself, your team is not going to take care of themselves.

And I cannot stress this enough of like, you have to talk the talk, walk the walk, in terms of mental health. So if your manager takes mental health days, then your team will take mental health days. If your manager is open and willing to say, hey, our mental health benefits are really good-- and you don't have to even go any further than that. Just say, we have good benefits. There's some really good stuff that you guys should check out. That gives people the OK to get into it and use it themselves.

I know I was very adamant on like, I will look on my calendar and I'm like, you have not taken vacation. You need to take a vacation. You need to go, because I'm going to take my vacation. So modeling is a really big thing. And that's an easy one for people to do. If they're uncomfortable, just do it right for yourself.


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