Video transcript Meditation Technique Video


So I invite you just to put everything down. Get comfortable in your seat. Sit upright but relaxed. And you can rest your hands palms up on your lap.

And I want you just to take a nice, slow, long, deep breath.

Let's take another one. Breathing in. And release.

And if you're comfortable, you can close your eyes. And I want you just to focus on the sensation of the air going in and out your nose.

And with each exhalation, just feel yourself relaxing a little bit more, sinking deeper into your seat. If your mind wanders, which it will, just bring it back to the breath.

Now, we're going to move on into the body scans, but just continue breathing easily and effortlessly, focusing again on the sensation of the air.

But this time as you're breathing in, I want you to scan your body for tension, and put your attention in that place or that muscle where you're holding any tension. So maybe it's your forehead, or your upper back, or your shoulders.

And as you're exhaling, I want you to just breathe through the muscle, imagining that it's just softening and relaxing with your exhalation.

So breathing in. And release through that muscle. I like to visualize a stick of butter melting, just seeing that muscle just melt away all the tension.

So do one more scan and see if there's any place else you're holding tension. And breathe through that muscle.

And now we're going to just finish up with a HeartMath breathing exercise. I'm just going to invite you to place your hands over your heart. And just imagine that you're pulling breath in through your chest, through your heart space, and releasing it through your heart.

And just place in your heart anything that you're still holding on to that is creating any fear or anxiety. Just allow it to soften there.

Anything you're worrying about just place it there, and just breathe.

And now I want you to repeat silently to yourself your favorite prayer or mantra. Or you can just say, in this moment, I am at peace.

In this moment, I am calm.

In this moment, I am safe.

And take one more nice, long, deep breath in. And release.

Wiggle your fingers and your toes and just bring yourself back to this moment. Open your eyes.