Video transcript - Guardian's Enrollment Story


Employee benefits only have value if employees understand how to use them.

The good news is employers who have an enrollment strategy see employee participation increase by over 25 percent. *

With more employees working remotely, at the office, or anywhere, it’s critical to give companies what they need—an enrollment strategy that shows each employee how voluntary benefits can work for them.

With a Guardian enrollment strategy in place, employees gain clarity in their benefit options, gain confidence in their benefit decisions, and consider their employer a partner in their well-being.

Guardian supports employee’s needs with enrollment solutions that engage, educate them on their choices, and simplify the election process.

Guardian uses both digital and direct mail communications to engage employees and motivate them to participate in their enrollment. These communications are easily digestible, relevant, and available in both English and Spanish.

To help ensure employees understand their benefit options and which ones will be most beneficial for them, we provide a variety of education options, including real time, online decision-making support, virtual and in-person 1-on-1 meetings, and on-demand and live webinars

Guardian provides election options to help meet your needs. We are constantly investing in technology and integrations with benefit administration partners to provide enrollment that’s quick, efficient, and accurate.

Here are some examples of how Guardian can support your enrollment strategy.

We partner with digital decision support partners like Nayya Choose. This virtual enrollment tutorial provides employees with recommendations for all available benefits—including medical—based on their attributes and lifestyle.

VoluntaryWorks offers virtual and in-person enrollment meetings with licensed benefit counselors providing guidance to employees about their available benefits.

Guardian Enrollment powered by Flock offers a benefits enrollment solution for employers who want to provide their employees with a digital experience for Guardian and non-Guardian benefits, including medical.

This self-service solution also enables employees to take advantage of decision support options like VoluntaryWorks and Nayya Choose.

When employees are engaged and educated about their benefits, electing them becomes simple. That’s what Guardian can help you do.

Let Guardian help you build an enrollment strategy that will meet your needs and empower employees with benefit elections they understand and feel confident about.


Based on Guardian’s 2019 voluntary participation rate.

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