Video transcript: Guardian & Spring Health Simply Put - A modern approach to mental well-being



It's super important that we're equipping these managers with easy frameworks on how to have supportive conversations that they can remember. And a framework that I train a lot, that I use a lot, is ALEC. So A. L. E. C. ALEC. So ask, so just asking them how they're doing. Listen, for the L, listen to what they're saying. E, encourage action. So that's typically again, I tell managers all the time, I'm not training you to become a mental health clinician, but I'm training you to know where the mental health clinicians are so you can encourage somebody to go talk to one.

It's not your job to fix the problem or to even know, really understand the problem, but it is your job to recognize and then respond to that issue. So encourage action. Get them over to a high quality provider. And then C on ALEC, check in. A couple of weeks later, "Hey, I know we had that conversation. I told you that I was going to check in in a couple of weeks. Were you able to get connected, or how are things now?" So ask, listen, encourage action, then check in.


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