Video transcript: Guardian & Spring Health - A modern approach to mental wellbeing


Teaser:   Kelly trying to catch popcorn in her mouth

Super:    A modern approach to mental well-being.

Kelly:       Welcome back to “Simply Put”. I’m Kelly from Guardian, here to answer your questions about employee benefits and well-being in terms we can all understand. Today, we’re talking with Robyn, an HR specialist from [Beverly, Massachusetts]. Ooh—what’s all that?

Robyn:    [Surrounded by balloons, treats, corporate gifts] Hey, Kelly—I’m trying to figure out a way to support our employees that’s actually meaningful. [Looks all the junk] But nothing’s really doing the trick.

Kelly:       Really? Why is that?

Robyn:    We’re trying so hard to keep people engaged but—some are working remotely; some are back in person. Either way, a lot of them are really struggling—you know, they’re just…overwhelmed.

Kelly:       Well, Robyn, you’re in the right place. Because I have just the thing.

Robyn:    [Holding a stress ball] Not another thermal mug, please.

Kelly:       Even better. It’s a new mental and emotional well-being solution called Spring Health through Guardian.

Robyn:   [Pushing aside Thank You balloons] Thanks—but we already have employee support services. No one’s using them!

Kelly:       Well, it’s time to change all that! Simply put, Spring Health is a modern approach to mental well-being that gives members a simple way to get immediate access to the support they need. And with Spring Health employees are more engaged—10 times more engaged, in fact.1

Robyn:    Sounds great! [Looking at logo mug] What’s their secret?

​​Kelly:       It’s so cool, check it out! [CUT TO APP SCREENS]. Using smart, proven machine-learning technology, Spring Health creates a customized care plan for each employee. Plus, all members have on-demand access to Moments—digital wellness exercises designed specifically to help improve their mental and emotional well-being, at their own pace. And every member gets a personal Care Navigator who’s there to support them through every step of their mental wellness journey. Someone like Meg! [Meg inset in app window, Hi Robyn!]

Robyn:    [Trying some popcorn from a huge tin tub] Hi, Meg! That’s awesome!

Kelly:       Plus, employees will have access to one of the industry’s most diverse network of care providers—three times more diverse, actually.2 Employees can book appointments using real-time calendars, and often be seen in about a day.3

Robyn:    One day?! Wow, that’s better than a…tin of popcorn. [Tries some more] Although, this is pretty good.

Kelly:       Even better, employers who offer Spring Health see 50% reduction in turnover with engaged members—recovering about a half-day of productivity per member, per week.4 So everyone’s happy!

Robyn:   That’s my kind of workplace! So, what am I going to do with all this—[motions to gifts]?

Kelly:       Ooh, caramel crunch! Me, please!

Super:     Personalized care. Immediate access. Real results.

                [Animates to] Behind every happier employee is a Guardian.

Find a more modern approach to mental well-being at [ – link may change]

Button:    Robyn with headphones on. Shows Spring Health app to camera. Thumbs up to say, this is pretty good.

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