Video transcript - Finding the silver lining of COVID’s influence in the workplace



What, if any positives, do you think could potentially come out of the pandemic as it relates to workforce, well-being, and overall mental health?

The silver lining in this is the renewed focus on well-being and mental health. I mean, just from me, from a personal standpoint, I've been able to put some exercise back into my schedule that maybe with a commute made it harder to do. And then I've also started to pick up a guitar again.

We see that employers are re-evaluating their existing policies. We've seen three and four employers move from unpaid leave to paid leave policies and really thinking about the well-being of their employee base, if they do have to be out of the office. And we've seen employers develop leaders' guides to help leaders in their organization be able to talk about paid leave and what it means and how to take advantage of it.

Guardian is a great example of allowing people flexibility during their day where we could. Not all jobs allow for that, but a lot of jobs do. And so-- but there has to be child care or other things during the day that we can move work around to allow for that flexibility. We've put back into place quiet Friday afternoons to where we eliminate big meetings on Friday afternoons to give people a chance to do work, to reflect, to do some planning.