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Timing is everything. I've had organizations say, Nadine, we have groups for all these other constituencies. We don't have one for disability. So maybe we should start one. Well, the question is, what else are you doing around disability? And do you have employees requesting this type of group? Who is going to lead it?

We've had companies say, Nadine, we've had a little problem with some compliance issues, so we think we should have a group. That would not be the reason to start it. So what you have to do is first assess. Are you ready to do this? Let me talk a little bit about what I mean and how do you know if you're ready.

If as an organization you've really not officially started your disability journey, meaning you're not-- you haven't looked at disability etiquette and awareness training yet. You're not sure if your websites are accessible, physical accessibility. You might not be ready for the group. Many companies think that that's the place to start. But not necessarily because the group should really align with business goals and objectives.