I love the idea of being an entrepreneur. I'm Kate Congilose, I work with C&A Financial Group. This was not my first choice of a career. The career found me in a sense.

I taught for about a year. When I was teaching, I could look at this chart, and I could see, OK, in five years, I'll be here, and I'll be making this, and this is what my life's going to be.

As an FR with the entrepreneurial aspect to this business, I can work and play at the same time. I can spend my time how I want to spend it. I can be as successful as I want to be. As a more competitive person, that, to me, excites me. Because I know at the end of the day, what that result is, is because of what I did to get there.

If I put the time and effort in, I know that it's going to pay off. If I don't do it, I know I'm not going to get the results that I want. I think that this career offers all of the amazing benefits of being an entrepreneur without having to take all of the risk that an entrepreneur would typically have to take. They don't need to put money out up front. They don't need to go get a loan. You have the backing of the company. What it means to me is I get to control how my future looks.