Video transcript - Enrollment with Guardian, Ease and Nayya



We talk about enrollment basics all the time at Guardian and trying to create that holistic strategy to engage employees. Make sure they're educated about their benefit decisions in a way that suits their needs as they're going through an enrollment. And then the ease of enrollment.

And really, I keep using the word ease, and it's so fitting for today because we're talking about our experience with Ease. Really, we've created this fantastic experience with the APIs. But also, we're really looking at how we help employees make better decisions in the process and be more satisfied with their enrollment experience. And in our recent benefit optimization study, we heard from employees that 4 out of 10 of them were looking for some kind of self-service technology to help them make better decisions. And we're really excited about the three-way partnership we have with Nayya and Ease to create a really strong experience.

So a little bit about Nayya. Last few years developed very advanced technology to help employees make better decisions. And you've seen examples of this in the marketplace for a long time. Nayya really is different.

They are using machine learning technology. They get better at this all the time. They bring in medical deductible spent, mortgage amount, school loan debt, really a holistic picture of what an employee is going through in order to make the best benefit recommendations for them.

We see 30% to 40% increase in voluntary benefits participation with them. Less questions for HR. We see an increase in HDHP adoption-- high deductible health plans. And we also see them save money. The goal for Nayya is to help them look at their complete financial picture.

And so we've developed an offer with Nayya for new cases, for cases adding voluntary benefits. We have a low or no-cost solution. And really, we're so excited about the most recent development, which really is this integration with Ease. And so I'm going to let David talk a little bit about that.

The Ease and Nayya integration allows the employee to go through Nayya's decision support within the Ease platform. And the screen that you see here is the Ease screen with Nayya embedded in it. So you can see the user experience is really clean in real time.

The Nayya applies the data that was just explained to produce a recommendation for the employee based on a holistic view of their personal and family needs. The plans have already been set up, so it understands what the underlying plan options that are available to the employee. And from that, recommendations will be highlighted and presented to the employee for all other benefits.

And if the employee does not choose to waive or change their selection as they continue through the enrollment process, the collection of recommendations that have been made is what the employee will be enrolled in.


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