When adding a new line of coverage, you can use EMMA in order to upload your eligibility for your new benefit.  To do so you will log into your Guardian Anytime account.  From there you will navigate to the Members tab > the Update multiple members and then launch EMMA.  You will receive an email once you are able to access EMMA in order to begin your process. 

Once you are in EMMA, you will be able to Download a census, Upload a census or Create a census.  To start the download process, you will be able to enroll of various different types of census’.  You can choose a blank census which will just be a blank census with all of the required coverages. 

(01:10) However this is not ideal for when adding new coverages.  An Enrolled census is going to give you a snapshot of all of the members that are currently in our system with all of the current benefits.  An Add coverage census is only going to appear during the time frame that you are doing an upload, doing an amendment adding new lines of coverage. 

This option will include the new column or columns that are required for the new coverages that are being added, and then you also can download a salary census.  You can select using the calendar picker, the date as of that you would like your enrolled census to be downloaded.  In this case, I'm going to choose the date prior to the amendment. 

(02:46) Once downloaded, you can open it up to review.  Here you will see the entire census listing all the members that we have currently have in our system, as well as all of their elections that they have elected.  What you can then do is return to your Home Page in EMMA and from there knowing that you have an entire census with all of the enrolled members, you can make your changes to that census add any new members, make any changes to elections

(03:45) and then you can come back out here to start the upload process.  You will want to make sure that your census includes all of these key elements in order to make the upload run smoothly.

(06:33) Check the box confirming that you have reviewed the attributes of the census that you would like to make sure your census has then click Upload.  You can either choose a file to upload or you can drag and drop your census.  Click the Upload button and the upload process will begin.  EMMA will begin by reviewing and analyzing your file to determine what information it has and what information is needed.  You will then be taken to the Dashboard where you be able to walk through the different steps to finish formatting your census.  To start, go to your map columns where you can review your census to make sure that the columns that we have matched, match your columns and make sense to you. 

(07:21) Once that is done, you can continue and then if there are any additional columns that are on your census that need to be matched, you will be taken to this page.  If there are not any columns like this case, we will go ahead and just click Continue to the next step.

(07:36) If you need to match any additional key information this is where that will happen.  You will need to match your census values to what Guardian has.  In this case, are class two is going to match to class two and class one to class one.  When everything is matched, it will be green, and you’ll see a checkmark next to class.  Click Continue to the next page where it will tell you if there are any columns that need to be added and at this time there are not any columns that need to be added to your census. 

(08:03) Then we will continue to the Fill in page.  Here you will be able to see all of your census information.  If you notice, there is not a way to delete this member.  This is because this person has already appeared in our system, and we do not want you to delete them this way.

(08:20) If they need to be removed from your group, then you will need to terminate them, not just delete them.  You can still add any new members to your census by adding add rows and you'll be able to see those.  Here you will be able to then delete any rows that you've added if you need to.  You can then review your census by scrolling across to see if there's any information that we are missing.  All of your members that were on your census that had been matched to what we have in our system will appear here.

(08:55) If there's anything that is on your census that is slightly different than in our system, you will receive a cell that is highlighted in blue.  This just to inform you that this information is different, and it will be changed when you hit Submit.  You do not need to do anything with this necessarily.  This is just informational to help you make sure you are filling in the census the correct way. 

(09:27) You will also notice that the new coverage being added, Hospital Indemnity, has no members electing the coverage.  That is because the census that was uploaded did not have anybody electing.  You will need to go through and make sure that you have made the elections correct. 

(09:41) However, if they have already been updated on the census prior to upload, you will not need to do this step.  You can also view your missing information to see any information that may be missing.  In this case, there is no missing information.  Once you have completed filling out the census and making any changes or adjustments, you can click Submit.  At any time if you want to start over or reset or decide that you don't need to have all of the members from the census, you can go back to the Home page.  If you only have a few Members that you know that need to be added with the benefit, you can do Create a census.  By clicking, Start creating a census, EMMA will begin to pull together the information that is needed.

(10:42) You will then see a list of all the members that are currently in our system that you can select from to be the ones that you will work with.  You can also do a quick filter to find just the ones that have those names, so if you do know of only a few members that you want, you can pick the ones that you want.  And then once you've selected all the members that you want to add by clicking the box or you can select all of them by clicking next to last name.  Once you select all your members, you can add selected members to census and you will see just those members on the Review Page, the Fill in Page. 

(11:33) From here you will be able to then make any additional changes to the census.  In this case we are just adding the new benefit.  You will notice in the upper right-hand corner there is a notice letting you know that there were 12 additional members found because you've already added three members.  This is a nice way to be able to return back to that page and if you remember that you do need to still add one more person, then we will go ahead and pick that person, pull them in, they will be added to the bottom of your census and then you can make any changes or adjustments as you need to. 

(12:10) Although this process is to add a new line of coverage, you can also make other changes to a member, such as changing their address or updating any other pieces of information.  Once you've made all your changes and updates to your census, you can then go ahead and click Submit.  You will receive a message letting you know that if you are ready to submit, Guardian will start processing your enrollments.  Once EMMA has submitted all of the enrolments to Guardian system and Guardian is complete, then you will receive an email that either advises you that you need to return to EMMA to fix any records that need to be reviewed or that you are all set and that all records were submitted successfully. 

(13:14) If you do have additional records and if you do have additional enrollments that need to be added, make sure you do click this box.  If you are completely done with all of your enrollments for the Adding the coverage, you do not want to have that checkbox marked. That box being left blank will signify that Guardian can continue with the next steps in the process.  Once you click Continue, you will be taken to the Thank You page letting you know that Guardian is processing your enrollments.  You can then return to Guardian Anytime.