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Today we'll be spotlighting our API partnership with Ease. I am joined by David Reid, Chief Executive Officer at Ease. David, we're really excited to have you on the call today. Can you tell us about Ease's platform and the markets you serve?

Absolutely. And thank you for having me. Ease is an online benefits enrollment system built for insurance brokers and small businesses to create seamless HR and benefits processes on an easy-to-use system. We're the most widely adopted, fastest growing solution for brokers today and employers.

We have over 2,000 insurance agencies using Ease to forge deeper relationships with their 75,000 employer clients and more than 2.5 million employees. Our mission is to enable our partners to provide a modern benefits management experience through product innovation, industry, leadership, and trust. We do this by working with brokers who primarily work with small and medium-sized businesses that have anywhere between 2 and 250 employees.

Ease helps these employees make better health care decisions, complete enrollments faster, and have access to their benefit information 24/7. And over the years, we've found that the software really helps brokers grow, protect, and digitize their business.

What's the value of the integrations that our organizations have built together for our mutual customers? And perhaps you can tell about some of those pain points that they solve for.

With the evidence of insurability API, brokers are no longer going to need to submit evidence of insurability forms when using Guardian and the EaseConnect+ connection. Additionally, employees will now be able to complete the EOI during the benefits enrollment process. All employees will be immediately notified as to whether their coverage is approved or a further review is needed.

EOI approvals are communicated between Guardian and Ease to update the benefit levels and payroll deductions. With the member benefits API, all enrollments, adds, terms, and qualifying changes will now be sent to Guardian from Ease within minutes. Remember, coverage status will be almost instantaneously updated, improving accuracy across systems, which benefits the billing service and claims processing.

Lastly, please tell us about the special offer to eligible cases that include Guardian products.

As part of the introduction of the API integrations with Guardian, super excited to share special limited time offer for all new or add issue cases that include three or more new Guardian products for implementations between June 1st and the end of the year, all the way to December 31st.

So brokers that are new to Ease will receive a 35% discount on their platform description, and they'll be eligible for five full case bills. That means all the Guardian coverages and coverages with the other products that they have that may not be Guardian. And our existing brokers will be eligible for a 25% discount for upgrading their subscription, and they'll be eligible for two full case bills.

So, David, thank you so much today for sharing your insights on Ease and for highlighting the capabilities that have been built together. We are excited about the value of these connections we'll bring to our joint customers. So for additional information, contact your Guardian or Ease representative.