Video transcript - Does Paid Family and Medical Leave run concurrently with other leaves?



Interactions with other types of leaves. So obviously, FMLA, ADA comes into play, other types of leaves as well. And saying this is a complex landscape is putting it mildly. It's very complex, especially when you look at employee workforces that have multi-state employees, especially when you're looking at employees who are taking multiple types of leaves in a calendar year. Other situations like if you have spouses-- husband and wife that work you for the same employer-- they're going to be taking different leaves at different times to care of family members. So there's just a lot to consider here.

And this just maps out on the left a few common scenarios that could come up where you might have an employee who'd be eligible traditionally for like an FMLA leave or an ADA leave and that now they're going to also be eligible for a Mass PFL leave as well and, in some cases, a paid medical leave. We just have paid family leave up here to talk about today.

The reality of it is, it's very complex to think about and to handle. And Guardian can help with that. And as this landscape continues to get more complex, it's just one of the more reasons to consider outsourcing your absence management if you haven't done so already. Because when you look to a carrier like Guardian, we sort of handle all of this. We have a single intake. And so somebody can file a claim and have access to the resources that will help sort of handle all of the various types of leaves that may come into play, and help kind of consolidate that, and make that more easily digestible for the employers as well.