Guardian & Spring Health Simply put – Reducing stress to improve well-being


Kelly:        Welcome back to “Simply Put”. I’m Kelly from Guardian, here to answer your questions about employee benefits and well-being in terms we can all understand. Today, we have—Dan. Hey, check you out! 

Dan:          Hey Kelly! [Wearing Hawaiian shirt with fake tiki-hut background on Zoom

Kelly:        Looks like you’re in a good mood, huh? 

Dan:          Yeah? Oh, awesome. Because I’m trying to be in one [He becomes visibly deflated.] I’m really…really trying.  

Kelly:        [Concerned] What’s wrong, Dan? 

Dan:          I’m just…stressed. I’ve been on parental leave and I’m getting ready to go back to work—and, suddenly, I’m like: How are we going to do this? Can we really afford daycare? And what about my wife’s new schedule? And then there’s the older kids and their school stuff—on top of the late-night feedings and the lack of sleep and—just all of it. It’s good! It is! It’s just really…stressful. You know? 

Kelly:        I do, Dan. And, you know, you’re not alone. In a recent sample of American workers, more than [three quarters] [75%] of participants cite stress and burnout as one of their biggest well-being challenges at work. 1  

Dan:          [Whispering, getting her attention] Kelly…Kelly—[He now has a Baby Bjorn on] Shh, sorry—she’s napping. 

Kelly:        [Lowered voice] Aww. sweet…But, you know, those blurred lines between work and home life, they can really add to your stress.2 Well, good news­—I think I can help. With Spring Health, through Guardian. 

Dan:          Spring Health? Don’t I already have a health plan?

Kelly:        Yeah, but this is different. Simply put, Spring Health is a modern approach to your mental and emotional well-being. [CUT TO APP SCREEN] Using smart, proven machine learning technology, Spring Health guides you through a set of easy-to-answer questions to create a personalized care journey, just for you. 

Dan:          A journey? [Perking up] Hey look, I’m already dressed. 

Kelly:        That’s the spirit. With Spring Health [CUT TO APP SCREEN] you’ll get instant access to Moments, which provide on-demand support for a variety of mental health stressors—from anxiety to depression to parenting advice and even personal growth. 

Dan:          Personal growth? Honestly, I’d be happy with a little extra sleep. 

Kelly:        It covers that too! Plus, with Spring Health, you even get your own personal Care Navigator to help you better understand what kind of support you need, whether it’s wellness exercises or finding a professional mental health provider. And best of all, 86% of Spring Health users report a full recovery.3 

Dan:          Actually, that…sounds…pretty great. Thanks, Kelly. I’ll check it out. Right after nap time, that is. 

Kelly:        No problem, Dan. Sleep tight! 

Dan:          Oh, she will— 

Kelly:        No, I mean you, Dan! 


1. Stress and Burnout Source: The Conference Board, October 2021 

2. Work and Home Life Stress Source: “16 employee burnout statistics HR leaders should know.” Spring Health. December 14, 2020.  

3. Spring Health 86% Recovery Rate source: Spring Health proprietary research based on results from use of the Spring Health platform. May 2021