Transcript: Behind every bright future is a Guardian


Hi, I’m Andrew McMahon, CEO and President of the Guardian Life Insurance Company.

In 2021, we committed to a bold transformation at Guardian. To drive our business forward we launched our new Purpose, to “Inspire Well-Being.”

Today, and in the years ahead, we will wow our consumers by supporting their physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

Consumers like Dr. Doreen Gidali, who, in the middle of medical residency, suffered from a rare and sudden neurological disability that put her career, and life, on hold. Our colleague, Ginny, supported her well-being by listening and advocating for her as she navigated some of the most difficult moments of her life. And when Dr. Gidali was ready, we helped her get a new job that exceeded her expectations.

We are reimaging mutuality by broadening the ways we serve communities.

Jason Carter, one of our financial representatives, helps members of his community achieve financial confidence through Guardian products. But he doesn’t stop there. He also collaborates with his community, working with high schoolers to help maximize their potential, secure college scholarships, and build a brighter future.

We’re striving to unleash what’s possible by fostering a culture of innovation, curiosity, and diversity. Empowering our colleagues to deliver an exceptional customer experience and develop relationships that broaden the ways we bring value to those we serve.

Moving forward we will continue to activate our Purpose to inspire well-being for our colleagues, customers, and communities, because behind every bright future is a Guardian.

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