Transcript - Vision benefits. Helping employees see a real difference.


Slate:          Kelly with adjusting a pair of glasses.


Super:         Vision benefits.
Helping employees see a real difference.


Kelly:          Welcome back to “Simply put”. I’m Kelly from Guardian, here to answer your questions about voluntary benefits in terms we can all understand.

                    We’re back with our good buddy Dan from St. Louis. Looks like you got your hands full.


Dan:            [In his garage, putting together a complicated charcoal grill. He has instructions in one hand, a You Tube how-to video on phone in the other.] Hey Kelley. Do you know anything about Guardian’s vision insurance benefits? I think something’s wrong with my vision all of a sudden.  [Holding directions close, then far away from his face.] I mean, seriously, what font size is this…?


Kelly:          You know, Dan, lots of Americans have been spending more and more time in front of their screens.


Dan:            …Tell me about it. I’m in front of my computer all day. And my kids are constantly on their phones. They just love my dance videos on social media.


Kelly:          Well, there you go. Computers, phones, digital devices—they can all contribute to something called “digital eye strain.” And in the long run, that can have an impact on your eyesight.


Dan:            [Distracted, scrolling social media on his phone] Uh,, what do you do about it?


Kelly:          Well, maybe limit your screen time, when you can.


Dan:            That could be tough. I mean, look at this! 37 likes! [Shows his Renegade Dance video to camera]


Kelly:          Guardian is always looking after your eyes. Our vision insurance helps you save on eye exams, glasses and contacts—and may offer discounts on Lasik surgery. You might even save on Blue Light Reduction Coating that helps with that digital eye strain by reducing your exposure to blue light from smartphones, tablets, computer screens, televisions, energy-efficient lighting, and the sun. [Someone hands her glasses off screen] Hey, thanks.


                    Best of all you can use your vision benefits to save at private practices, online through certain websites, and even at places you shop every week, like Walmart and Costco. You know, I think they even sell pre-assembled barbeques there.


Dan:            Now you tell me. I mean [holds up a grill looking part] what the heck is this even for?


Kelly:          Oh, that’s a rotisserie bar. Low and slow.


Dan:            [Impressed] Nice.


Super:         Guardian voluntary insurance benefits are built to help you.
Talk to your employer, broker, or Guardian representative today.


Button:      Dan scrolling through social media, grill smoking behind him.