Transcript - Life Insurance. Why you're never too young to start planning ahead.


Slate:        Kelly strumming a ukulele.


Super:       Life insurance.

                  Why you’re never too young to start planning ahead.


Kelly:        Welcome back to “Simply put”. I’m Kelly from Guardian, here to answer your questions about voluntary benefits in terms we can all understand.

                  Today, we’re talking to Eva Velasquez.


Eva:           [Young woman strumming a guitar or ukulele.] Singing


Kelly:        Ooh, is this a singalong?


Eva:           No, I was just recording my hashtag #BadHabits cover to post to social media. [Singing] ‘…Bad habits lead to wide eyes staring at space…’ and it got me thinking, I need to focus more on some good habits. Like getting better about planning ahead. And I started wondering about life insurance and stuff. Mi madre really wants me to get it.


Kelly:        Actually, Eva, it’s a good thing to consider. At Guardian we tell people the earlier you think about life insurance, the better.


Eva:           But I don’t even have kids yet.


Kelly:        That’s the thing. Life insurance can do more than just provide benefits for kids.


Eva:           Really, like how?


Kelly:         Simply put, social and personal responsibility are important to a lot of people. And if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.


                  With life insurance from Guardian, you can set up your beneficiaries lots of different ways. You could set it up to take care of your parents as they get older—[Social media sticker graphic pops up “Give back!”]—Or you can leave money to a charitable foundation or a great nonprofit—[Second social media sticker graphic pops up “Pay it forward”].


Eva:           Like funding microloans to help small farmers. That’s another good behavior I could focus on!


Kelly:        Exactly. Best of all, you can change your beneficiaries anytime you want. So, if you do have kids or get married—[Photo of minivan, on window, family stick-figure stickers animate on]—you can make sure they benefit from your very wise long-term planning.


Eva:           That’s awesome. We should start a hashtag about that...


Kelly:        How about: Hashtag “Guardian helps you do more with life insurance”?


Eva:           Uh…I’ll keep working on it.


Super:       Guardian voluntary insurance benefits are built to help you.
Talk to your employer, broker, or Guardian representative today.


Button:      Eva singing cover song.


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