Bill Amato, Large Market Director with Guardian, has often discussed the need for accident insurance with his broker & consulting partners, as well as countless clients. 

And then one day, he needed it. 

“You never think something’s going to happen to you or any member of your family,” he said. “But for us, last November, it did.”

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Accident insurance may sound simple: it pays you a lump sum after a qualifying incident. But many may not realize just how much it can help people and their families recover after the unexpected happens. Bill’s story highlights just how accident insurance can help protect what matters most to you during life-changing moments—beyond a lump sum.

1. Accident insurance can pay for what health plans might not cover.

While in Arizona visiting family in November of 2018, Bill received a call from his oldest son, Quinn.

“Mom’s been in an accident,” Quinn said. His wife, Shelley, an avid outdoor adventurer, had rolled her ATV, and the vehicle had landed on her. EMT crews medevacked her from the scene.

The helicopter ride alone cost $35,000. 

Thanks to his accident insurance, Bill was able to offset much of his family’s out-of-pocket cost.

As health care costs continue to rise, health plan structures are passing more up-front costs on to workers in the form of deductibles1. Accident insurance can offset and possibly eliminate those costs in the event of a serious accident.

2. Accident insurance can help you avoid debt or draining savings to pay medical bills.

Shelley ended up in intensive care with a broken shoulder blade, a shattered collar bone, nine broken ribs, and a punctured, collapsed left lung. She spent four days in intensive care, and a week total in the hospital.

After this kind of accident, recovery may not end with a hospital stay. There could be surgeries, outpatient therapies, and other follow-up health needs that your medical insurance might not completely cover. What’s more, you may need time to recuperate before returning to work.

Having accident insurance can make it less likely you’ll need to tap retirement or other savings, or go into debt to cover medical bills or daily expenses while you recover from injury.

3. Accident insurance can help you focus on what really matters.

When an accident happens to you or someone you love, affording the treatment should be the least of your worries. Bill credits his employer-offered accident insurance with enabling him to channel all of his energy into helping Shelley get well – and not into figuring out how to pay the bills.

“The cost of the accident was astronomical,” Bill said. “Accident insurance helped us offset some of that cost, and every little bit helps. More importantly, it helped me focus on what’s most important to me, and that’s my family.”

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“When that unfortunate incident comes, these products we sell help people focus on what’s most important,” Bill said.

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“A Crack In the Foundation,” The Guardian Workplace Benefits Study: Fourth Annual, 2016

This is a personal view based on Bill Amato’s own experience.

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