Video transcript - The support to build a successful practice



I committed to making it work. Many people who get in the business can completely relate to the fear, the anxiety of, like, well, how do I build a practice? I love what I see. I love what I hear. I love the team. But I don't have the knowledge or the quote unquote "sales skills," or I've been an engineer for the past 10 years, or I've been a nurse anesthetist, or dental hygienist. How do I make that leap? Part of my role is to help find people who want to join the career and help them ultimately become successful.

So the beautiful blend that Guardian pulls together is not only an environment to truly build your own practice, but also have the benefits of being a business owner. We walk hand-in-hand, move at their pace, help them grow their business. There's many different routes that people can find a place within our network and create the life that they want to live.