Video Transcript - See What EMMA does


To submit new business enrolments to Guardian after you've logged into Guardian Anytime you're going to navigate to the Members tab and the Update multiple members page.

From here you will click the launch Emma button to be taken into the EMMA application.  Once you're in Emma, you will have three options to select from.  You can either download.  You can upload or you can create.  When you download, you can download a blank census for your group that is a customized census with all of the required columns needed in order to complete your enrollment.

However, if you already have a completed Excel census, you can click upload a census.  And if you do not have a completed census, you can click the create a census where you can take enrollment forms and enter them in manually into Emma.  By clicking create a census, Emma automatically starts pulling together all of the information based on the plan set up and takes you to the fill in Page.  Once on the fill in Page, you can start entering in your information based on your census. 

If you would rather do an upload with a completed census, you can actually just at anytime go back to the beginning of the process and will take you back to the home page where you can then select Upload a census.  You will lose any information that you've entered on the previous screen unless you choose to see it.  But in this case, we will go ahead and start an upload process.  Here you need to certify the following information so that you are reviewing what your census already includes.  Once you have reviewed these different items, you can acknowledge that you've read these as well as that your census includes these items. 

Then you'll click Upload census file.  Here you can either choose a file to upload, or you can drag and drop your file that you're going to upload.  EMMA is now going to analyze and review the census that's been uploaded and determine what information has been provided and what information it still is going to need. 

Here is the dashboard.  From here you can start looking at reviewing the mapped columns, the columns that still need to be mapped, any new columns that need to be added as well as then finally work on editing members.  To start with, let's review our check map columns.  Here you will see all the columns that have been mapped.  You're going to notice that your heading is here and the column that Emma has matched to is in the top row. 

This is always a good practice just to review to see that all of your columns look like they are what you're expecting.  Next, when you continue, you were taken to the match page.  These are all of the columns that were on your census that Guardian was not able to match.  Now this could be due to your senses having more columns than necessary or could be that we did not recognize your heading for column that we need. 

If you feel like there is a column on your census that should still be included, you can select from the drop-down to see if there are any columns that we may still need that match your description.  If you do not recognize or need that column, you can either click OK to skip or you can click Continue and everything that has not been matched will match for you. 

Again, these are the only remaining columns that Emma is recognizing is this group needing, so all these remaining columns on here were extra on the census and are not needed?  Anytime there's additional information on the census that needs to be matched up, you will be presented with a screen to make sure that they match, such as Class.  Differences as well as benefit descriptions.  So now that we have matched our class one to class one we will go ahead and continue. 

If there are any columns that are needed, you will be showing which columns have been added by Guardian.  And finally, you are taken to the Review page.  Here you will be able to either Save, Download, review some instructions.  You can also have various views of your census.  You have your View Complete Census, your View missing info only census.  This will show you any members or dependents that have information that needs to be corrected.  You can download the missing information by clicking this you will receive an Excel document with this information so that you can easily access it offline. 

Once you are on the View complete census, you can scroll through to see all of your columns that have been added and you'll start seeing where the errors are.  If you hover over any cell that has an error, it will tell you what you need to do.  In this case we need to select a valid value from the drop-down.  Cells are interactive, so as you make selections anything else that needs to be updated will update. 

You can also do that from the Review missing info page only.  You have some quick filters abilities up here.  If you know that you need to make some adjustments to just one person, you can start typing in the name and anybody with that name will start will narrow down once you remove that information your census returns.  Are masking is turned off to keep things safe, so our Social Security, you can either expose the entire social or turn it on.  And when you are working with smaller or larger groups, you can expand the table so that you don't have as many vertical scrolling's to go through. 

If you need to add additional rows, you can click them down here.  And you will notice in the far-left column there is a way to delete the row, if you have added somebody or if you've added somebody that you didn't mean to you click the delete and then click it again to confirm the deletion and then it will remove the row.  If there's information in that role, it will remove that information.  You can save information at anytime.  Once you're ready to submit then you will scroll down and Submit

You will receive a message to let you know that Emma will begin processing your records.  You'll receive an email once the records have been processed with the status of either incomplete, requesting that you returned to Emma to fix any issues, or that all of your records have been completed successfully. 

If you do have more enrollments that you need to submit, we ask that you please click this box so that it notifies the system that you will be returning to add more enrollments.  If you do not have more enrollments to submit, then leave that checkbox unmarked and click Continue.  By clicking continue your enrollments will be processed to Guardian. 

Once you have received your thank you for submitting page, you can then go to the upper-right hand corner to Return to Guardian Anytime.  Once you receive your email notifying you of your members either in processing or needing to return to Emma, you are then complete with the plan and Guardian will take over the next steps from there.