Starting March 26, 2021

Here's what is changing:

  • On the homepage and in the main menu of, the My Account/Login link will change to Login & Register.
  • When you click Login & Register, you will immediately be able to enter your username and password to access your Guardian account.
  • The links for Contact usForms & Claims, and Find a provider will be next to the login under “Connect with us”.

Here's what is NOT changing:

  • Your username and password
  • Accounts, policies, or benefits elections
  • Any account or communication preferences


Do I need to create a new account?

No, all of your existing account information, username and password will remain as it is.  There is no need to make any updates or changes.

Where is the GuardianAnytime account login?

By entering your existing username and password, you will automatically be brought to GuardianAnytime.

I have Guardian benefits and policies both through work and my financial professional.  How can I get to my accounts?

You will still have two separate user ids for your account through work and through your financial professional.

Are all Guardian accounts and policies part of this update? 

Here are the Guardian accounts that will be under the new login experience:

  1. Policies I purchased through my financial professional
    • Investments
    • Annuities
    • Life insurance policyholders
    • Disability insurance policyholders
  2. Employee benefits through my employer or broker
    • Benefits through my employer
    • Employers offering benefits to their employees
    • Employee benefits brokers
    • Providers to view and verify benefits

These are the accounts NOT included in the new experience, that can still be accessed on the login page at


For any other questions, please contact us here

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