Family counts

Your financial plans should reflect that

Protecting your family

What lies closest to your heart? For most people, the answer would invariably be, “My family.” But when you think of taking care of your family, it isn’t just for one birthday – it’s for all of the birthdays to come.

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Suddenly, there’s more than just you

Expanding your life means more possibilities, and probably, more people to consider. Most of the big moments in life – marriage, or having a baby, or starting to view the world in a new way – will also change your financial picture.

  • How Protecting Yourself Protects Your Family

    Protecting your health, income and legacy can help make sure the ones you love are financially secure. 

  • Unexpected Costs to Plan for When You’re Adopting

    Adoption costs, and those of raising a child, aren’t always straightforward or obvious. Learn how to prepare for an unpredictable financial future.

  • Teaching Kids About Money

    No matter their age, it’s important that your children learn about finances. Read more for some effective ways to teach them about money.

  • Marriage means sharing your dreams. And, of course, your finances.

    Deciding how to merge finances is not always intuitive. Learn some steps that will make the transition easier.

  • Couples with two sets of insurance: Whose do you use?

    Insurance planning for married couples with different benefit plans can be difficult. Read more for tips on comparing insurance plans. 

  • You’re Pregnant! Are You Covered At Your Job?

    Planning time off work to care for a baby can be stressful. Learn about your rights and benefits under the Family and Medical Leave Act. 

  • Babies mean new joys and yes, new responsibilities

    With a plan, you can take care of your children’s future, and your own.


College can rewrite the future

Higher education has the potential to take your child’s life to new places, and expand all of the possibilities. While funding that education may have a large impact on your financial picture, it has the power to make a lasting difference.

  • The Balancing Act: How to Save for Both College and Retirement

    Saving for both college and retirement can seem daunting. Learn strategies to make saving for both manageable.

  • Five Smart Ways to Save Money for your Child’s Education

    College is a milestone. Uncover some ways to help finance the journey. 


The future is impossible to know. This is why you plan.

For most people, not everything follows the script we may have written for in the future. A changing cast of characters can be brought on by unplanned events such as divorce, accidents, and illness. But by making some contingency plans, we survive and succeed.

  • Aging parents and finances: Planning for each stage

    No matter what age, ensure that elder care for parents is part of your plan. 

  • Nine things you should know in case you get sick or injured

    Don’t be confused about the meaning. Disability income insurance covers real-life problems that real people encounter. 

  • Finances and aging parents: What to talk about, and how to do it

    It’s important to have a financial conversation with your parents sooner, rather than later. Learn how to bring it up, and what to ask. 

  • Retirement & Divorce: Small Mistakes Now Can Cost You Later On

    Divorce will impact your life, but it doesn’t have to crush your retirement. 


Caring for the next generation, too

There are some who want to leave an impact that lasts a lifetime and beyond. By answering questions such as “How do I put aside enough money for future generations?” and “How do I ensure my legacy gets into the right hands?” you can make it happen.

  • When there’s a will, your family and friends get what you intended

    Estate planning ensures your heirs receive what you intend. Read more about why wills are critical for everyone. 

  • A few smart moves now can do more for your heirs in the future

    Uncover the strategies that can allow you to leave the legacy you want. Find out how.

  • Ways to Give to Charity While Creating a Legacy

    Each year, Americans give $350 billion to charities and non-profits. Explore some ways to give that can carry your legacy forward.