What builds a great business?

A combination of planning, people, and protection

Taking care of business

Not everybody hunts for a job – some people start their own business. In doing so, they not only create their own, they also create positions for other people. So how you protect yourself, and the people who help you run that business, becomes a critical part of planning. 

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Your ideal job? It might be in a company you own.

While owning a business comes with certain freedoms, it also comes with responsibilities. It’s important to consider not only how you’re going to protect yourself, but also the firm you set up.

  • Starting a New Business: Protecting What You Build

    Your business is providing you with a living. Make sure you explore how you can best protect it.


Offer employees what they care about

The people who work for you can make a big difference in the type of enterprise you operate, and its success. You can offer potential applicants the kind of life they’re looking for, by providing benefits.

  • Keeping Employees Happy with Workplace Benefits

    Benefits truly matter to employees.  Offer more of what people want and you may notice a difference.

  • Ten Ways Small Businesses Can Offer Big Company Benefits

    Attract and keep the workforce you want without breaking the bank.

  • Give your kids a job and save on taxes. Now, that’s an incentive.

    By helping your kids, you could also be helping your business.  


Saying goodbye to your business, on your terms

There will possibly come a time when you want to transfer ownership to new people, either because you’re selling the business or you want to see it prosper under new management. A few tips can help.

  • Creating a Successful Exit Roadmap for Your Business

    Even if you’re great at building a business, you may not have thought about how you’re going to say goodbye to it.  The key is to plan ahead.