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The future is full of promise. At the same time, it holds uncertainty. Life insurance is reassurance that you can live life to the fullest knowing your family will be financially secure if you pass away. ​

The benefits of term life insurance

Term life is a simple product designed to provide a tax-free payment to the people you choose, known as your beneficiaries, upon your passing. These policies provide coverage for a set period of time, which means it could end while you’re still living. Term life is a basic kind of insurance that can be a great starting point for securing protection for your loved ones. Some of the benefits of purchasing a term life insurance policy include:

  • You can buy the length of coverage you want. The term periods we offer are 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. When the term is up, so is your coverage. During that period, your beneficiaries are protected for the amount you purchased.

  • It’s an affordable and predictable choice. Typically, term life premiums (the monthly cost for the insurance) are “level,” which means they stay the same for the length of the term. 

  • You’ll get added protection. Term life insurance typically offers the option to select additional features that can allow you to customize your coverage to suit your unique preferences. For example, if you were to become disabled and unable to work during your term, certain features can help to ensure your coverage remains in effect even if you can’t afford to pay the premiums. 

Coverage that lasts

Another option with term life insurance is to convert your policy to permanent protection, without having any additional medical exams. This means you have the ability to upgrade to a type of permanent life insurance, like whole life, that will never expire, as long as your premiums are paid, and enables you to build a permanent, tax-advantaged cash asset.1 Money from the cash value of your whole life insurance policy can be used during your lifetime for expected, and unexpected, costs. Learn more about whole life insurance

What type of life insurance?

Ensuring a secure financial future for your loved ones requires thoughtful planning. Each type of life insurance offers unique features and benefits, so many people have both types to provide optimal protection. 

How much life insurance?

The right amount of protection for you depends on where you are in your own life, who depends on you and your earning power. In general, the younger you are, the more years of income you need to consider when deciding on the right policy and level of protection.  Use this calculator to see some of your coverage options and their associated cost.

Watch this video to learn how much life insurance you might consider.

Life insurance 101

How much life insurance do I need?

Whether you decide to rent term insurance, purchase lifetime protection with permanent insurance or combine the two for customized protection – taking the time to understand the unique benefits of each is the first step toward a confident future. 


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All life insurance policy guarantees are subject to the timely payment of all required premiums and the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.